November 06, 2008

Issues with the embedded comment form?

Yesterday a few readers emailed me to explain that there were issues with Blogger's embedded comment form.

The issue was that the "Comment as" drop down menu was empty, preventing readers from choosing an identity for their comments which in turn prevented comments from being left.

As yet, the Blogger team have not acknowledged this issue on the Known Issues (or any other blog), and as far as we can tell, the problem should now be resolved. It could have been a browser-related issue, or perhaps Blogger was making some improvements to the embedded comment form which caused this temporary glitch?

Software Testing Zone wrote about this issue in detail, and has since updated this post to explain that this issue appears to have been resolved. I personally did not experience any problems with the embedded comment form for any of the Blogger blogs I viewed over the past few days, but I am interested to learn more about this issue in case something similar happens in the future.

For anyone still experiencing this problem when reading Blogger powered blogs, try refreshing your browser (press F5 for most browsers, which completely refreshed the page), or clear cookies and temporary internet files to ensure you have a fresh version of the page.

If you were affected by issues with the embedded comment form, please do leave a comment below with some information, such as the browser you were using (Firefox, IE6/7, Safari), whether the blog was using a custom domain or a customized template, etc.

Thank you all for keeping me informed about any Blogger issues you are experiencing! Even though I am not officially affiliated to Blogger, I will do my best to help the Blogger community in any way I can.

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