286 100 of the Best Free Blogger Templates from 2010
January 02, 2011 /

Last year was a great year for the production and quality of free Blogger templates. Designers from all corners of the world have produced literally hundreds of templates which we can use to enhance our sites.

To save you time browsing through the many galleries and websites, I've collected 100 of my favourite designs from 2010, with large screenshots and links to both live demos and instructional/download pages. Presented in no particular order, these are organized by Blogger template developer and offer a wide variety of styles to suit any type of site.

I hope you enjoy browsing through these gorgeous templates!


Provides a gorgeous selection of original Blogger templates.

1. Glamour

2. Hampir Putih

3. Portafolio

4. Medieval

5. Kiqi

6. Fresh

7. Kertas Bekas


A beautiful selection of original illustrated themes for Blogger.

8. Atheros

9. Mi Diario Vivir

10. My Secret Recipes

11. Noches de Luna

12. Mis Dulces Tentaciones

Blogger Theme

Offers a selection of Wordpress conversions and original Blogger templates.

13. Neste

Converted from the WP theme by NewWpThemes by Blogger Theme.

14. MMO Star

Converted from the Wordpress template designed by NewWpThemes.

15. iVideoGames

Converted from the WP theme by NewWpThemes.

16. Andromeda

Converted from the WP template by NewWpThemes.

17. Selene

Converted from the WP theme by Web2Feel.

18. AroMax

Converted from the WP theme by NewWpThemes.

19. Azalea

Converted from the WP theme by CamelGraph.

20. BTheme

Designed for Blogger by BloggerTheme.

21. Arena

Converted from the WP theme by NewWpThemes.

22. Floral Design

Converted from the WP theme by Template Mo.

23. Mighty

Converted from the Wordpress theme by TemplateMo.

24. Merci

Converted from the WP design byNewWpThemes.

25. Everest

Converted from the WP theme designed by NewWpThemes.

Blogger Template Place

A great selection of Wordpress conversions for Blogger.

26. Brown Vintage

27. Reezy Mag


28. Poster Inc.

Best Theme

Offers a wide selection of Wordpress conversions.

29. Sevraj

Converted from the Wordpress theme designed by Top-Wordpress.net.

30. Under Construction

Converted from the WP design by Deliciousthemes.com.

31. Be Back

Converted form the WP design by WordsPop.com.

32. Deep Blue

Converted from the WP theme by AliveThemes.com.

33. Black On

Converted from the WP design by TopWordPress.net.

34. TypoMinima

Converted from the Wordpress design by Blogsessive.

35. Atlantis

Converted from the WP design by web2feel.com.

36. Irene

Converted from the WP design by FabThemes and Web2Feel.com.

37. Covenant

Converted from the WP design by Web2Feel.com

38. Light Space Site

Converted from the WP design by TemplateMo.com.

Premium Blogger Templates

Choose from a wide selection of "premium" style themes and Wordpress conversions.

39.  Artarius

Converted from the Wordpress theme by Lasantha Bandara / Free Wordpress Themes.

40. Dione

Adapted from the WP theme by Web2Feel.com.

41. Aparatus

Adapted from the WP theme by Lasantha Bandara / FearlessFlyer.com and available in several different colour schemes.

42. Zenit

Converted from the Wordpress design by New WP Themes.

43. Game Craft

Converted from the WP design by Web2Feel.com.

44. Orsted

Converted from the design by wpcorner.com.

Templates Novo Blogger

A great selection of quality CSS and Wordpress conversions for Blogger.

45. Knitting

46. CSS Heaven

Adapted from the template designed by CSSHeaven.org

47. Televisão


48. Oggi

49. Impressões

50. Girly Diaries


A wide selection of Blogger templates including both original designs and CSS conversions.

51. Kiddie

52. Reading Books


A small but growing selection of excellent templates for technology/professional niche blogs.

53. BlogSony

54. Blog Base

View Live Demo | More Info/Download

55. Blogetter Pink

Also available in other colour variants!

56. Simplash


A beautifully designed resource of CSS and Wordpress conversions plus several original Blogger designs.

57. Modest

Converted from the design by Mojo-Themes.

58. Titan

59. Basic

Converted from the design by Elegant Themes.

60. Workin

61. Under Maintenance

62. Blue Ice

Converted from the theme designed by WebHostingMen.

Deluxe Templates

Offers a vast selection of templates for Blogger including both conversions and original designs.

63. AutoStyle

64. BusinessMan

Converted from the design by Elektrotehnicki Fakultet.

65. Visconte

66. Poliart

67. Decadence

68. Techmarket

69. Coloured Notes

70. Latitude

71. Purple Beauty

72. Shopping Girl

73. Jungle Book

Theme Craft

Provides a dedicated selection of original themes and conversions for Blogger.

74. Acekicker

Converted from the design by Web2Feel.com.

75. Retro Van

Converted from the WP design by Wordpress Themes.

76. Katana

Converted from the design by Web2Feel.com.

77. Easter Bunny

Converted by the design by WpThemeCreator.com.

Templates Block

Find a quality selection of theme conversions for Blogger.

78. Metamorphosis Christmas

Design by Metamorphozis and Templates Block.

79. My One

Anshul Dudeja

Provides a great selection of original designs and CSS conversions for Blogger.

80. Work-a-Holic

81. Provogue

Converted from the design by Web2Feel.

82. MarioLand

83. Glory

84. Tree House

Converted from the design by PromiseringDesigns.

85. Masugid

86. Monstic

Converted from the Wordpress design by SimplyWP.

Blog and Web / BTemplates

Collaborative designs and Blogger template conversions distributed through the mammoth Blogger template directory, BTemplates.com.

87. Cloud Blogging

88. Minicard

Converted from the design by Blue Anvil.

89. Bold Life

Converted from the design by Get a Custom Design.

Blogger Themes

Original Blogger templates and CSS design conversions.

90. Germaniumify

Design by Blogger Themes and Padd Solutions.

91. iShowcase

92. Simplo

Converted from the design by Site5.


A wonderful selection of high quality designs for Blogger.

93. The Antagonist

94. Tequilas Flamejentas

Also available as a dark version.

95. Hybrid Gallery

Blogger Mint

A growing selection of original Blogger designs.

96. Glamor-Mag

97. Smash Mag

98. Modern Photography

99. Mash 2

100. Royale Note

Template authors and designers

Wherever possible I've tried to link to the sites of the original Blogger template authors and where applicable, the designer of the Wordpress/CSS theme from which templates are converted.

Many Blogger template authors convert templates and there is often some overlap. In such cases, I have provided credit to the first instance of a conversion I encountered.

Please do let me know if I've made any errors with accreditation so I can ensure links point to the right place.

Which templates are your favourites?

Which are the templates which most appeal to you? Are there any high quality designs you feel are missing from this list? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Author: Amanda Kennedy

Amanda is a professional blogger and web designer living in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

In addition to curating Blogger Buster, you can find Amanda on Twitter, Facebook or add her to your circle on Google+.

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  2. @F. Thank you for mentioning Nymfont - I couldn't remember the name of the site and had lost my bookmarks after formatting my laptop! I'll edit the post shortly to include a few of Lauren's too, her designs are lovely!

  3. Hi Amanda,
    First thanks you for listing my template. That is a big honor for me.
    And plese correct the author credit
    .Reezy Mag Blogger Template
    .Orsted Blogger Template
    because this template was converted by Me .
    Thanks a lot

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  16. Thanks for reviewing dozens of free blogger templates and collecting some the best. My favorites here are azalea, Irene, Kertas Bekas, and Neste. I also liked minicard blogger template as it is very useful to show all the social links and stuff about ourselves at one convenient space online.

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