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August 22, 2007 /

Since my template designs are one of the most popular features of this site, I would very much appreciate your opinions so that in future I can design templates you would most like to download! In the left sidebar I have created a poll for you to vote for design elements you would most like to see in future templates. It would be of great help to me if you would vote in this poll or leave your comments below to let me know which features of template design are most important to you.

Here's a full explanation of the polling options:

  • Three column modifications of existing Blogger templates:
    I have already created three column versions of Minima and 897 for you to download. If you would also like to see other existing Blogger templates transformed to include an extra sidebar (eg: Scribe, Rounders, Dots) then please choose this option.
  • Decorative:
    The "Magical" and "Sweet Dreams" templates are examples of decorative templates, which feature animated gifs and optional add-ons. If you would like to see more templates like these, please choose this option.
  • Simple Schemes/Total control of customization:
    Minima is an example of a very simple scheme, which features no background to the header and total control over customization. I can easily create more templates in this style (perhaps with modifications to the layout) which feature total control over the fonts, background colors etc., so if this style suits you most, please vote for this option.
  • Complementary Widgets:
    The Magical template, for example, features a number of widgets available to complement the design. If you would like to see more designs with complementary widgets available (eg: clocks, random images, background music), please vote for this option.
  • Unique layouts options:
    The Sunset template is an example of what I mean here, in that the layout is not typical of classic template styles. If you would like more templates which "bend" the layout rules, please vote for this option.
  • Header Background Only:
    Many templates I have seen feature simple layouts and customization options with a fixed background to the header. If you like these template styles, please vote for this option.

If there are other options you don't find in the poll, feel free to leave your comments below or email me to let me know your preferences. I'm also considering the possibility of "one-off" template designs and a custom design service where you can purchase a unique template design for a small fee. If you would be interested in such a service, please get in touch.

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Author: Amanda Kennedy

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  1. I would love to see more unique layouts!

  2. I would love to get Scribe (the one I have on my blogs, for example http://gunillasdagbok.blogspot.com) but with three columns and not just two!

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